Are you looking for work from home, or just a chance to earn some extra cash by side job? You do not have to, I’ll find it for you! I spend a couple of hours a day browsing through all job portals. Then all the available offers to work from home that I find will be published on this page (see below). No pyramid games, MLM, paid ads, just serious job offers from your home free of charge. From relatively simple tasks such as managing an online shop, writing descriptions for websites, correcting grammar and stylistics, editing and proofreading of text, maintaining a Facebook page, etc., to more complex ones such as programming, graphics, online marketing, etc.


If you do not look for a proper full-time job, but rather an occasional extra income on the Internet or the opportunity to earn some extra money once, check out the category of filling in paid surveys and questionnaires.


You can do all of the below mentioned professions from your own home office. There will be mostly these types of positions:

  • E-shop administrator – adding items, price update and other work related to managing the internet store,
  • administrative jobs in Word, Excel, etc. for the agency,
  • proofreader and corrector (grammar and stylistic checks) for certain eshop or webpage, 
  • translator – text translation for agencies, web pages, etc.
  • copywriting – job opportunities for copyeditor – writing texts for a specific magazine, shop, etc., 
  • copyediting – transcription and correction of texts, 
  • ghostwriting, 
  • remote work at home in graphics and design, g., web designer, etc.
  • online marketing – PPC specialist, Facebook specialist and others
  • envelopes building, pen making, and other manual jobs,
  • remote jobs from home in programming, g., web programmer, HTML encoder,
  • design engineer, constructor in construction,
  • sales representative,
  • real estate agent,
  • constructor in the engineering industry,
  • dispatching – job at home for dispatcher,
  • accounting – accountants also work often at home,
  • doučovanie – pracovná príležitosť pre učiteľov, lektorov a doučovateľov,
  • ponuky z oblasti krajčírstva a šitia – aj pre krajčírky, šičky – vyšívačky sa z času na čas nájde ponuka na home office,
  • personalista / náborár,
  • telefonovanie, telemarketing – práca pre operátora, telefonistu,
  • štrikovanie, háčkovanie, pletenie a ďalšie handmade práce,
  • other job positions that could be done remotely from home (via the internet).


This website is suitable for unemployed looking for a full-time or part-time job, as well as for mothers on maternity leave and retirees who want to work, as well as for students looking for some work on PC but also for people who are employed full-time, but would like to improve their financial situation in the form of a short part-time job (externally) for 1-2 hours per day. Most job offers listed on this page require a trade license.


Remote work offers will rarely show up here (hopefully to improve it in the future), so if you do not have the time to watch this page, I recommend you to give a “Like” to Facebook group (click “I like” and set “to receive all posts” in settings). You will have quick access to news and the latest job offers (there will be more offers in the Facebook group than here). Otherwise, it may happen that you will respond to an exciting occasion that is no longer available. If you are more interested in a tweet, check the offers on my twitter account.


For companies and entrepreneurs:

If you are looking for a new colleague for the position of a marketer, graphic designer, programmer, editor, copywriter, copyeditor, translator, e-shop manager or any other position, which would be an external form of cooperation, drop me a message at I’d love to publish your ad, of course, free of charge.


Please, note! – By this statement, I would like to remind you that all job vacancies published on this site are selected and published by all good morals. However, these vacancies are not reviewed by any third party so I can not guarantee that there is not a fraudulent offer somewhere hidden between them. That’s why I kindly ask you, before contacting a potential employer, to double check the good reputation of the company and then reach out to them. I do not bear any responsibility for any inconvenience.


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