Hello, my name is George, I am 33 years old, and I have my extra income on the Internet for more than 4 years. During that time, I have gone through almost all the possible ways how to make money on the Internet. From small, mostly scam earnings, through illegal pyramid games or the Ponzi schemes, until I finally got to the real way of making money online, to the serious possibilities of working from home.

I created this website for you to provide my advice for you to get to know what can be considered a serious income and, on the contrary, what is a scam. I believe that thanks to my experience, I will save you not only time but also money.


Something more about me

I graduated as an engineer (welding technologist). I studied at the University of Žilina in Žilina. It is an excellent university, but I think it did not provide me with what I expected from it.

After graduation, I had problems finding a job in my specialization. Not because due to the lack of offers, there were many, but most employers required experience. However, it was a profession that is not for everybody (welding technology). Perhaps the problem was that also I was rather an introvert, and such work requires an extrovert, a person who is in total charge, running around and manage many issues.


To live on some budget, I had to look for a job in another area. After some time I managed to start work in one company as a constructor. The job itself was not bad, suitable precisely for an introvert. Salary wise it was not much, but as a freshly graduated – would you expect something else? The critical fact was that I enjoyed it.


After some time, about 2 years after, we faced the company changes (crisis in 2012-2013 and dismissal of employees). I was not fired, but they swapped me for another job. There I was not only a constructor, but also a technologist, an operator, and much much more. So, a position for three people done by myself alone, the salary remained unchanged, of course. You know, what they always say: “It’s crisis, you may be happy to have a job, another 200 people are waiting in a line for your position.”

This was basically the first impulse when I became interested in the possibilities of making extra money on the Internet. At first, just to get some extra cash as addition to my poor salary, then, as you find out in the rest of the article, I was actively interested in working from home.


Even working from home is not suitable for everybody, it also has some disadvantages that I face as well. But in my honest opinion, it is the best benefit that could be provided to the employee by his employer.


I have always been a bit jealous of all the digital nomads (graphic designers, programmers, and others) who travel around the world and make money from the beach thanks to the internet. I was jealous that they have enough time for themselves and they can work whenever they want, while in comparison – having ordinary job for 8 hours (sometimes overtime), the ride back and forth takes some time as well, and when you come home, you are tired and you are not able to do anything else.


My company was not fond of working from home, even though the constructor is a profession that could be easily done from home. What you need are just a laptop and some efficient drawing programme. You also do not need an Internet connection.


My beginnings

On the Internet, I started to “earn extra cash” like every beginner, with simple things like click systems and email. You know, reading ads in email and clicking on ads. On my site, you find more information here. I describe my experience with this kind of income. To tell you honestly, it is an unnecessary loss of time, and later it gets on your nerves as well, because you do not get the few cents that you have collected. They simply do not send it to you.


One day my friend came to see me with the perfect internet business for me. Clicking ads and opening ad emails only offered me poor earnings (I actually did not get a single dollar out of 15 such systems), so I decided to move a step further. The online project promised big money, but you had to “invest” a certain sum of money into the system. I was immediately blown up by this idea, and with the dream of quick and easy income, I have put in the system somewhat more than 1000 $.
What was the outcome, I assume, there is no need to mention it. It was, unfortunately, a pyramid game, more precisely, the Ponzi scheme.


The next stop when building my internet income was so-called network marketing. Many of you know this form of business as MLM – multi level marketing. Now you tell, it is also a pyramid, right? Okay, that’s your opinion, I have a positive opinion about MLM, and I decided not to quarrel with anybody. I also have a separate section on this topic on the web.

It was company Organo Gold, who sold coffee and teas with Reishi mushroom. I again invested about 300 $, but compared to the previous project, I have at least got products. For some great, let me express, serious business, for me again “lost shot.” In the long perspective, I understand that MLM is not the right way for me as well.


Lost amounts were lost, but when I look back on it now, I do not regret it. On the one hand, thanks to this experience I started to build this site and gained experience for life. I also found out that these pyramid games, the Ponzi schemes, or even MLM companies, are not the right way I want to take. Even though the systems mentioned above can bring you a decent amount of money. Some people who do not have the proper sense of fair game do earn exciting money by this.


Considering the previous experience, I started to ask myself when the time for me to begin also earning something, is? So far I only lost money, and nothing was coming my way. I even started with negative thinking and self-persuasion that there is nothing like working from home. And then – it has happened. Once the company liked my web so much that they offered me a position of external copywriter. My job was to create ad texts and articles for their web pages.


In the meantime, I also started to be interested in online marketing, because if I wanted to increase the traffic of my site, it was necessary to study something about SEO, Facebook or email marketing. Well, all these things I still use today.


What I do now

I am currently an administrator of the internet store. I work only for 5 hours a day, but I’m paid better than when I was “stuck” at the engineering company office. Do you want to know what I am doing? What is the content of my work? I’m filling the e-shop with content, and I’m responsible for its being up to date so that it contains only products that are in stock. Those not in stock anymore are deleted, I add new ones and update the new product prices as well. Also, I am also responsible for social networks. I add posts to the FB company page, and from time to time I write a blog article. SEO, especially link building, is, of course, one of the main principles. I also participate in creating emails and newsletters and preparation of PPC campaigns. Actually, I do almost everything I learned when creating this site.


In addition to my job as an e-shop administrator, I am getting extra money by filling in online questionnaires. It’s not big money, but every dollar is good, right? In my opinion, it is one of the best and most serious ways to make extra money on the Internet. Compared with advertising clicking and e-mail clicking, they pay the money out. Registration is always free, you do not have to invest any money. Nobody also asks for entrance fee or monthly fees.

Just register in (registration into multiple questionnaire companies = more questionnaires to fill in = more money), fill in the survey, and your extra income waits for you.  

There is also a special section for this topic, more information to be found in this article. Highly recommended, I have only positive experience.


I would like to create my own passive income in the future

I love my current job, though it is not a final destination for me. Although I managed to achieve something that I could only dream about 4 years ago, it still is an active income. So I have to work to make money. But my goal is to build a passive income. I plan to start up other web projects that would take care of me while I would travel.


To reach my goal, the best tool seems to be affiliate marketing. For me, it is the most interesting and also the most profitable form of online business.


Better internet business is probably just being an e-shop owner. I also think about this possibility. I would like to build an internet shop within 5 years. The significant advantage is that I currently work for one, so I have a chance to see how the whole system works and what it contains and requires.



To find a job to work from home is not that difficult as it would seem to be. To reach success, you need a lot of patience (chase your dreams and follow your target) and be interested in continual education.


To share with you my own experience, build your own project – some website, blog. This is the best way how to learn all these things. You improve your grammar, learn to write better, understand how the search engines work, etc. After there will be no issue for you to find a dream job and work from your own comfortable home or any other place.


One advice though, be cautious with ads for manual works, as creating envelopes, pens, eggs with a surprise for kids, etc. Majority of these offers, if not all, are scams. They ask for money for specific brochures or manuals, but there will be no job or activity followed.


I really believe that this web, I believe you read it properly, will inspire you and that you also be successful when finding some exciting job and external cooperation, the worse case at least a couple of dollars into your wallet. And who knows, maybe information on this web will motivate you to create your own business in a while :-).


And what about you? Were you successful to find a job at home? Remote one? If so, please share with the others in the forum. I am pleased to see any opinion, it could also be inspiration or motivation for the others.





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